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APC Smart Plug Wifi Power free Strip Sma with 3 USB Ports PH6U4X32W Save money

APC Smart Plug Wifi Power Strip with USB Ports, PH6U4X32W, 3 Sma


APC Smart Plug Wifi Power Strip with USB Ports, PH6U4X32W, 3 Sma

From the manufacturer

APC Home Office Surgearrest (PH6U4X32W)

Smart Surge Protector, White

  • Control your home anywhere, anytime through APC Home App with 6 outlets 3 smart and 4 USB ports 2 smart
  • Voice control through Amazon Alexa
  • Simple Wi-Fi setup means no smart hub required
  • Set schedules for lighting, small household devices and other connected devices via APC Home app
  • It wouldn’t be APC without true UL-Certified surge protection for all outlets

Why use an APC SurgeArrest with Smart Outlets?

World Icon

Control Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you are at home, work, or on a vacation, turn on/off devices through APC’s Home app.

Bulb Icon

LED Control via App or Voice

Turn smart outlets and USB ports’ LED lights on or off through Amazon Alexa or APC’s Home app.

People Icon

Connect Multiple Smart Surges

Control several groups of devices at once! In the APC Home app, group together up to 6 smart surge protectors for control of multiple outlets.

Shield Icon

Surge Protection

2160 Joules of real surge protection for your expensive electronics.

A Smart Surge for Every Need

PH6U4X32W on counter with smart phone

Smart Home Made Simple

Smart Surge is simple and easy to set up if your new to the smart home world. No smart hub required and effortless control via APC Home app or Alexa.

Family in kitchen

Everyday Convenience

Imagine waking up to the smell of brewing coffee. Schedule your coffee pot to turn on as you wake up to enjoy hot coffee first thing in the morning.

Smart Surge Protector on a living room floor

Home Protection

On vacation? For added security, use the Schedule feature to turn lights on/off at different times of the day, to give the impression someone is home.

PH6U4X32W near home theater unit

Child Care

By controlling the lights, or even turning off the TV with the APC Home app, you can keep your child on-schedule.

Cut away of house
Application Callouts

Can you group USB ports and smart outlets?

Currently no, but will consider it for future release.

Will Smart Surge be compatible with Google Home and IFTTT?

No, but these applications will be compatible in future releases.

Is this device water resistant and can I use it outdoors?

Smart Surge is intended for indoor use. It is not water resistant.

What is the maximum current supported by the Smart Surge?

The devices supports up to 15Amps for all plugged in devices.

What type of Wi-Fi network connection does it require?

Wi-Fi module supports 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n.

APC Smart Plug Wifi Power Strip with USB Ports, PH6U4X32W, 3 Sma





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North America

South America



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